The Story Behind Nexwave

Welcome to Nexwave, where we are a team of tech enthusiasts, driven by innovation, and committed to empowering businesses with new-age tech and talent solutions. Since our inception in 2008, we have grown into a leading provider of cutting-edge IT services and customized talent solutions, making waves around the globe.

What We Do...

Our expertise spans diverse industries, including Pharma, Healthcare, BFSI, Infrastructure, Telecom, Automotive, Education, Utilities, and Technology. We create tailored solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and take your business to new heights.



Here’s how we do it…

Meet our dynamic and diverse squad, the powerhouse behind our success. United by a shared vision, we bring together unique perspectives to craft tech-powered excellence.

Aparna Batthula

Her professional career began as an IT professional, where she gained decades of extensive experience in the industry. However, her true calling was to empower young professionals to navigate the corporate world.

Sebastian Niehaus

For more than 20 years, Sebastian has been active in the field of executive search & recruitment services, personnel consulting and HR workforce solutions in Germany and Europe.


We're proudly leaving a trail of success stories in our wake.




Be an Innovator at Nexwave...

Join our innovative and driven team! Explore exciting career opportunities that unleash your truest potential and drive your career growth.

Let's do something great together!

Let’s build something great together!

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